Thursday, 20 December 2012

Next Festive Window Display

Each year, as Christmas creeps ever closer, I eagerly await the gradual emergence of festive window displays up and down the high street. Admittedly these are increasing cropping up in the middle of summer, but that doesn't take away from my love of the fake snow, fairy lights and carefully wrapped boxes that adorn the windows of every store up and down the country.

Being a lover of all things festive, and the chance to get a little creative when I really should be doing something else, I was really excited to get involved with Jess' Next Festive Window competition over at Feeling Stylish. The rules are simple, design a festive window display using products from Next's website. You can make it as Christmassy as you fancy and even pick a theme, whether it be a snug Christmas morning around a well trimmed tree or a Christmas dinner on the most beautifully laid table. 

After having a good look around Next's website, She & Him's Christmas album blaring and a glass of mulled cider in my hand, I began to narrow down my ideas - something that was a challenge in itself because as usual Next truly out did themselves in putting together so many gorgeous festive collections.

Anyway, here is my window design....

This window idea is based around Christmas parties and all the sparkle that comes with them. 

I've styled two basic outfits, not wanting to over clutter the design too much. For the guy, you really can't go wrong with a nice pair of shoes and a blazer. To complete the outfit I'd add a simple pair of jeans and a fitted shirt, making the outfit classic and stylish without being too complicated. For the woman's outfit I've tried to go a little more glamorous whilst trying to avoid being too overdressed. I love the detailing on around the neckline and waist, it gives a lot of shape to the dress making it more flattering and creating an hourglass shape.

I've also dotted a few Christmas decorations into the window display. Next's range of decorations is amazing, making it so hard to pick only a couple to use. Being my usual obsessive self, I've kept to a simple red and gold theme for the decorations. To add the final touches for this party scene Next has a fantastic range of glassware and other accessories perfect for a Christmas party. I love these glasses which again fit in with the theme of an added bit of festive sparkle - in fact this collection would be perfect for a Christmas party but unfortunately there wasn't room in my window display.

So that's my festive window display. I'd really recommend checking out some of the other entries - they're all amazing and so different! 


  1. I love that you did men and women's wear! i do love this green dress and would love to own it!

    Good luck too and thank you for popping by my blog.


    1. I get dragged up to look at their menswear whenever I'm out, so it was inevitable! It's beautiful isn't it! A post Christmas treat maybe?


  2. Replies
    1. It's stunning isn't it?! Little bit in love

  3. Really love that jacket and also, you can't beat a bit of She & Him for that festive feeling! :)

    Karys x

    1. I'm thinking it would be a nice birthday treat for him. Great Christmas album, may have over listened to it a little bit x


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